Bad Habits Will Hurt You

Bad Habits Will Hurt You

Bad Habits –

As children we do all kinds of things that would not fall in the proper etiquette category.  As we get older we drop those habits.  At least most of us do.  Unfortunately some people don’t.  Or maybe they pick up other bad habits without realizing it will hurt them at work.  Dipping is one of those habits that we pick up.  This is something I’ve only seen men do.  It is truly disgusting to be dealing with someone and have them stop to pick up a container to spit into it.  And a container full of spit on your desk is just nasty.

But habits are just that, habits.  People do them without even thinking about them.  There was a young lady I hired that I caught sitting cross-legged in her chair and popping her pimples so that the pus and blood was squirting out onto her keyboard.  Needless to say I got rather upset, told her to stop and to get the disinfectant wipes so she could wipe down everything.  She didn’t last long with my agency.

At least in that instance I could do something about it but some of the other incidences I have seen I couldn’t do anything about because the people were my level or above me.  One of the situations involved a male.  While I was speaking to him he suddenly stuck a finger in his ear, dug around, pulled it out and examined his finger then stuck his finger in his mouth.  I was shocked.  I didn’t know how to react.  I was embarrassed for him since he obviously didn’t have sense enough to be embarrassed for himself.

That wasn’t the only incident.  Another involved a female.  We were sitting in the business cafeteria.  This female reached over to take a napkin out of the holder.  She twisted it into a long spike, shoved it up her nose, twirled it around in there then pulled it out and examined the napkin to see what she had caught.  Good grief, we were eating!  Both this female and the male eating his earwax were supervisors.  These are people who should definitely know better.  Yes, both these people were able to hide their bad habit long enough to get promoted but they will never go higher than that.  When you do something out of habit you can accidentally do it in situations where it will hurt you.

But those are extreme bad habits.  If you have a gross bad habit you need to do everything you possibly can to stop it.  One mild bad habit that can hurt you is nail biting.  Nail biting comes across as being nervous and unsure of yourself.  It’s also a really hard habit to break.  It won’t stop you from getting a lower level position but it could hurt you from moving up.  Think about the things you do and of how they look to others.  Decide if there is something you need to work on then do everything you can to correct it.  Remember, your career and finances could depend on it.