Staying Informed is Crucial (#1 Source of Info)

Staying Informed is Crucial (#1 Source of Info)

The Rachel Maddow Show

I know a lot of young people don’t like to watch the news but the reality is what is being reported can affect your life.  You need to be informed.  You need to understand what laws are being proposed because those laws could help or hurt you.  For example, in Missouri the Republicans passed legislation in the house that bans a minimum wage.  It BANS a minimum wage!  That’s crazy!  A business can now list jobs with the pay being $2.00 an hour if they want.

You’ll probably think no one will take those jobs but what happens is other businesses start doing the same and eventually the majority of the private businesses are on the same page, all paying only $2.00 an hour.  When that happens there is no where else to go.  People have to take those jobs because they have to put food on the table for their family.  And they have to take a second job because one job will not pay enough to survive on.  It’s becomes a vicious cycle that keeps people in poverty.

The really sad thing is that it hurts everyone, even the business.  Republicans like to talk about being pro-jobs and pro-business when the reality is they are only pro-more riches for the rich.  They are perfectly fine with average Americans getting shafted as long as the money is going to the rich people who in turn are giving them campaign donations to help them stay in power.

The small businesses start paying the low minimum wage thinking they will make all kinds of money since they are now paying so little to their employees.  They think of the money they would have spent on wages as going into their own pockets.  What they forget is that their customers are those low paid people who will no longer be able to spend money on luxuries like eating out.  It’s a vicious cycle perpetuated by greed and short-sightedness.

These are the things you need to see happening before they happen in your area.  This, along with so much more, is the kind of knowledge you need, along with your vote, to help you shape your world so that it is a good one for you and your children.

I highly recommend that you watch The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to stay abreast of things that will affect you.  I also recommend Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Hayes, also on MSNBC.  These three shows will help to keep you informed.  You can’t be tricked, you can’t be taken advantage of unless you allow it and the way you allow it is by being uninformed.  Don’t allow it!  Get informed!  Stay informed!  It is crucial to you being able to lead a good life.