I highly encourage everyone to keep increasing your knowledge which in turn could help you to get a better job or help you to get promoted in your current job.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through online learning.  If you don’t mind paying a small monthly fee for access to all kinds of classes you should take a look at  Lynda has some excellent offerings in the areas of business, technology and creative skills.  At the current time the site has 5, 957 different courses available in those fields.  There are categories on Software Development training, Design, Web Development training, Business, and Photography training.

Lynda has been used by some of the tech people where I work.  They have all said it is a good online learning platform, easy to use and that it explains everything in a step-by-step method.  I haven’t joined Lynda yet but I’m going to once I’ve finished with the online courses I’ve been taking.  I’ve been looking at Lynda for quite a while.  When I initially glanced through the offerings I found a large amount of courses that I was interested in taking.  I was even interested in the photography offerings to help me with another project I’m considering and also because I like taking pictures.  If I’m going to take pictures for fun I might as well learn how to take good ones.

And on that note I would like to mention something.  Many people are perfectly happy in the job they are in but they could use a little extra money.  If you have a hobby you can monetize you should get the additional training you would need to help you do that.  There is nothing that says you have to take these additional courses only for the job you are currently employed in.  Remember, you set goals.  You decided what you wanted to do with your life, what you wanted to have, what you want your situation to be when you retire and so on.  But you don’t have to throw away a satisfying job for a higher paying job that you don’t really care for.  You’ll just be miserable.

Keep the satisfying job then look for ways to increase your income.  The path for that is deciding what you like to do (what do you do as a hobby) and then increasing your skills in that area to not only get more satisfaction out of it but also to make it work for you in achieving your goals.  Online learning makes it easy.  It allows you to learn at your pace.

One last little bit.  Lynda is not a scam website.  It was created in 1995 and was bought by LinkedIn in 2015.  LinkedIn paid 1.5 billion dollars to buy Lynda.  You don’t pay that kind of money for a bad product.