Consumer-Spending Drives the Economy

Consumer-Spending Drives the Economy

Consumer-spending & tax cuts
7 Economic Fundamentals

Consumer-spending drives our economy. People spend money at businesses which makes money for the businesses. The businesses pay their employees who in turn spend money and the cycle continues. That is the basis of our economy. People need money to be able to keep this cycle going. Not just enough money to pay their bills, they need disposable income. That’s where lower taxes, earned income tax credit and higher minimum wage come into play.

Republicans are at it again. They are trying to give massive tax cuts to the richest people. They are still pushing the trickle down economics theory that hasn’t ever worked.  When Reagan did it wages for the middle class went down for the next four years in a row.

However, after everything that has been happening I’ve come to realize that Republicans don’t believe in trickle down economics either.  For them it’s nothing but a big lie to fool the public so they can cater to the rich while pretending they are helping the middle class and the poor.  Republicans know if they do what the rich want they will benefit financially.  Not only will they have money poured into their campaigns to keep them in power but they will be introduced to people who can advise them on “deals” that will make money for them.  And after their political career they are quite often rewarded for their loyalty to the rich by being given well-paid positions in their companies.  Notice that the average worker is no where in this picture.

I came across a good video by Robert Reich that explains the situation in a simple and brief manner.  I highly recommend you watch it.

Not only are the Republicans trying to shaft American workers but they are trying to keep information from us so we can’t tell what they are doing.  The legislation they are trying to push through has wording in it that says any legislation does not have to wait for a CBO score.  The CBO is the Congressional Budget Office.  The CBO evaluates proposals and determines how those proposals will affect the American economy.  What they are proposing will be devastating for the middle class and the poor.

In case you don’t know mushrooms are grown in the dark and are fertilized with manure.  Republicans are trying to treat us like mushrooms.  They are trying to keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit.  Don’t fall for it.  It’s important that you register to vote and then vote in every election that you are eligible to vote in.  It’s more important now than ever that we fight back before the Republicans totally dismantle our system and wipe out the financial stability of the middle class.