Joining the Military.  Yes or No?

Joining the Military. Yes or No?

Military Life
Joining the Military

I wanted to write a post on the military as a job option.  I was looking for a video to do one of my Day in the Life type posts but I was disappointed with the results.  I didn’t want a recruitment video.  I wanted an honest opinion of what life in the military is really like for the average soldier.  I didn’t care if the person was joining the military after college or if he was joining the military while only having a high school education.  I did find some videos but the negativity in them was not something I wanted to pass on so I decided to wing it.

Joining the military is a very viable option for some people.  It can definitely get you on the road to a profitable future.  I don’t mean you will get rich in the military.  What I mean is that it can teach you some very valuable traits that will help you to realize that profitable future that you want.  The thing is, you have to understand what is expected of you.

Military life starts out by teaching you to suppress your individuality.  It teaches you to follow orders without questioning the purpose or even advisability of those orders.  It teaches you to be a part of a team.  The team is all important.  You have to protect your team.  You have to follow orders because those orders are in the best interest of the team and your commander is your team leader.  You have to be willing to sacrifice all for the team.

You may hate getting out of bed at some ridiculous hour of the morning to go work out but you have to do it so you can be strong for the team.  You may hate doing mundane repetitive stuff that seems to have no purpose but you will do it because that support job helps the team.  You may hate going to the firing range in temperatures that are so high that people are passing out from the heat but you do it because your proficiency helps to protect the team.

It sounds like a harsh life and in many ways it is but if you can handle being dictated to and being pushed to the limits of your endurance when you come out you will find that you have a huge advantage over a lot of other young people.  You don’t need to make the military a full career.  Even four years in gives you a major advantage.  You will have been taught how to be goal oriented, to be disciplined, to never give up.  You will have been taught how to strategize and plan out a course of action.  And more than likely you will have been taught a job that can be used in the civilian world.  There are also multiple different benefits depending on what branch you go into, how long you stay, and what state you live in.

The military is not for everyone.  If you can’t handle this kind of strict environment, stay away.  There are plenty of other things you can do.  But if you can handle joining the military then I suggest you consider it.  Remember, it’s not just about the military paying for your school when you get out or the job they teach you that you can use for personal benefit on the outside.  The military is still the military.  You should always take into account that you may be called into a war zone.  That’s a major consideration.

Military life has huge pros and cons but if you feel you could fit into this kind of life then it’s an option you may want to consider.