The Things We Do Can Hurt Us

The Things We Do Can Hurt Us

Bad Reputation
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This website is aimed specifically at people new to the workplace, young people.  One of the biggest mistakes we make when we are young is thinking that no one will ever find out about the things we do.  That’s a huge mistake.  Reputation-management, it’s something you should be doing.  It matters.  We don’t think about the things we do giving us a bad reputations or how that bad reputation can hurt our working career.  You can get hired somewhere with minimal education and eventually move up to higher positions through hard work.  But it’s not as easy to come back from the foolish mistakes we make.

One area of concern is social media.  You need to be very careful of what you post on social media.  If you post anything that is racist or bigoted it can very well affect your ability to get a promotion.  It can even affect your ability to keep your job.  Stay away from bigotry and racism.  Those things are ignorant and will hurt you in the long run.

Also, stay away from bullying.  If you are trashing other people on your Facebook page or other places you will be showing what a petty, hateful person you are.  No one wants to work with a person like that.  Practical jokes are another area you should be careful of.  If you post a video showing a practical joke you played on someone you better be real sure that it can’t be taken as being mean.  Did the recipient laugh afterwards or were they upset?  If they were upset it’s not because they can’t take a joke, it’s because you don’t know when your jokes are inappropriate.  Even if the person does laugh, you don’t know how the person viewing the video will interpret it.

You are probably thinking that’s your personal business.  If you think businesses don’t look for you on social media, especially big businesses, you are sadly mistaken.  Businesses have to protect themselves.  The last thing they want is to hire some white nationalist or anti-Semite who will eventually embarrass them and hurt their reputation.  And don’t think that limiting who can see your pages will protect you.  You would be shocked at how many times someone has shown me something they had access to see because they felt what the person had done was wrong.  Just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean that they can’t or won’t be offended by your actions.

Another thing that can hurt you is just being foolish such as going out and getting falling down drunk, even if you have a designated driver.  Everyone has a camera nowadays.  Someone will probably record you and post the video.  Facial recognition can help to find you even if your name isn’t listed with the video.

And a last area I would like to speak about are conflicts/personal relationships.  Be careful about fighting with someone online.  Stay away from the illicit romances.  Don’t allow your lover to take photos of you that can hurt your reputation.

If it’s too late, if there is already stuff online that you wish wasn’t there you do have options although it will cost money.  There are businesses that do online reputation management and business reputation management.  If you need to, consider them.  If you don’t have anything out there yet then do your best to keep it that way.