Helping Bloggers – Making Money Post #4

Helping Bloggers – Making Money Post #4

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My post on blogging probably changed the minds of a lot of people but that doesn’t mean blogging is a total washout for you.  There are still ways to make extra income that are related to blogging without the hassle of actually owning a blog.  Do you take fairly decent pictures?  Bloggers are always looking for pictures for their posts.  Most of us can’t afford to pay much, since so few blogs make any kind of real money, but we also don’t need the super high quality photos that can be blown up to poster size without pixelating either.

I have thought of creating a website of nothing but pictures for blogs.  I thought about doing it for free with the income coming from Google AdSense.  I think it’s a very valid idea but I just don’t have the time for it right now.  I have too much to do with the blogs I already have.  You would be surprised at what would be of interest for bloggers.  All you have to do is take a look at the pictures I use and you will see how much help I need.  I am, by far, not the only one who needs help in this category.

Everyday items like erasers, time clocks, a blank application and so on are the kinds of things I look for, for this website but that’s just one website.  Look at all the other websites out there.  There are tons.  Just about any darn thing can be a picture a blogger may want to use.  And you can always take special requests.  The pictures aren’t specific to any one website.  They can be used multiple times.  Free, if you have a website, or a very low charge can bring in the customers you want.  But don’t think you need a website to do this.  That was just something I was thinking of doing.  Taking photos that bloggers can use is something that can be done individually.

Another thing bloggers need help with is marketing.  If you have a large number of followers on Facebook or other social media platforms you can offer to say something positive about their blog so all of your followers can see it.  Again, you want to keep your prices low.  That’s one aspect of marketing.  Another is creating ads.  Are you good with programs like Photoshop, Paint or even Canva?  If you are, look up the types of ads places like Facebook use.  You want to see what size and style of ad they will take.  You, also, want to know what prohibitions they have.  Make it as easy for the blogger as possible, meaning you be as knowledgeable as possible, and that blogger will keep coming back to you.

And then there’s writing posts for blogs.  Like I said, successful blogging requires a lot of content.  Do you like to write?  Is that why you thought of creating a blog in the first place?  Maybe you can be a freelance writer.  If this is a possibility for you, you might want think about the things you do.  Are you into photography?  Hiking?  Biking? Cooking?  Just think about anything you do in a day.  There are all kinds of stories or advice you can write about.  I would list all the things I am “especially knowledgeable in” and then go on to say I am an avid researcher and can write about any subject.  Also note, if you can, that you can make eye-catching graphs and charts that you will include in your articles (if it would add to what the article is talking about).

Since you are targeting people who don’t have a lot of money you want to stay in the low range, like $5 to $10.  You can charge more but you will really limit your target audience.  Don’t forget you will need to market yourself.  Send emails through the Contact Us portion of the blog letting them know what you do and what your fees are.  You can also use places like Fiverr to advertise your services.