Money in Religion – Making Money Post #5

Money in Religion – Making Money Post #5

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We’ve all seen the big T.V. preachers who tell their listeners that they will be unsuccessful in life and go to hell if they don’t donate money to that preacher.  These scammers make a ton of money.  They’ve moved away from Christ’s teachings of poverty to a gospel of prosperity that happens to be very convenient for them since it makes them very rich.  They play on people’s desires to get money from them.  ‘If you donate to me you will be blessed with prosperity and become rich’ and a lot of people fall for that line.

That aside, there are ways to make money in religion without denigrating what that religion really stands for.  Selling religious items is one way.  Muslims have been treated extremely bad in the United States even though we are supposed to be a country that respects religious freedom.  Finding items that celebrate Islamic holy days (Ramadan) is not very easy.  I just read an article about a few Party City stores starting to carry those items and their online purchasing is frequently out of stock due to the high demand and low supply.  The article stated that it was a 200 million dollar industry.  That’s a lot of opportunity for those looking for a niche market.  Look into the type of items and foods used in Islamic ceremonies.  See what you can sell that can be aimed at the Islamic community.

But they aren’t the only ones.  There are others out there that can be targeted the same way.  Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Wicca, Satanists, Native American religious beliefs and so on.  Just because they are smaller than the Christian religions doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own ceremonies and would like to be able to buy items that apply to those ceremonies.  If you are looking to make money you need to stay away from judging others.  They have the right to believe what they want to believe.  Supplying candles and other types of ceremonial items for them to buy is just a business.

If that is too uncomfortable for you then another thing you may want to try is becoming a minister and marrying people.  Becoming a minister is extremely easy.  Just look it up online.  Once you become a minister you can market yourself any way you want.  Again you can target specific religions particularly non-christian religions (too much competition in the christian religions though you can perform those gigs too if you get them).  Tailoring your ceremony to fit the religion will get you more customers.  Or you can advertise your willingness to marry gay people and illegal immigrants.  Remember, everyone getting married has to get a marriage license first.  If they can get a marriage license they can get married.

Niche markets are where you can make some good money.  Those small, non-mainstream markets quite often get overlooked either intentionally or unintentionally.  If you want to make money you should tap into them.  You are not taking advantage of them or even endorsing what they believe.  You are supplying legal products and services they want and have the right to get.

There is money in the standard christian religions.  You can sell prayer beads, christening outfits, candles and various other things but it will be harder.  There’s a lot of competition out there.