Money in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

Money in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

Greeting Card Business
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A lot of young people don’t think of things like greeting cards as being a money making idea.  So much of what your age group does is online but I bet you still get birthday cards and you probably, at some point in your life, buy cards for other people.  I doubt greeting cards will go out of style any time soon.  You’re probably thinking, all anyone has to do is go to the store to have access to all kinds of different cards.

And that would be true but remember what I have said over and over, niche market.  Target the niche markets.  People love their pets, how about cards for cats and dogs?  Are there some out there already?  Probably, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you.  But there are plenty of other animals you can target.  Look up lists of the most common types of pets.  You’ll find fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters and all kinds of other animals.  Or maybe condolence cards on the death of a beloved pet.  You can always go for those niche markets.

Think those areas will be too hard to find buyers in?  Then try something with a broader appeal.  I would love a box of greeting cards geared towards businesses.  The box should include cards that can be used in the following circumstances:  birthday, generic congratulations, promotion congratulations, condolences, retirement, birth of a child congratulations, get well and so on.  The cards should be fairly generic and fit for both male and female.  It should have more cards geared towards birthdays since those would be the majority of the cards needed with maybe just one or two of the other type.

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I had a card available, either because I forgot to get one or because something came up that I didn’t know about.  Sure, I could go buy a bunch of individual cards but they’re quite a bit more expensive that way and once I leave work I just don’t think about it.  That’s the kind of thing an industrious person can take advantage of.  If someone came to me with a box set of cards like what I just described I’d buy it on the spot and I doubt I’m the only one who feels that way.  You could easily use some desktop publishing to make sets of cards then go around to businesses selling them.

Make sure to have some business cards made with your contact info in case the customer doesn’t buy at the time but has second thoughts later.  Tell them you will come back if they change their mind.

Those are just a few areas you can target.  If you think about it you can probably come up with more ideas.  You can even make cards that target specific industries like doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers…  The one thing you do need to do is make cards that fit the occasion you are targeting.  Birthday and retirement cards can be from funny to serious.  Condolences cards have to be caring and thoughtful.

Research how to make cards online.  This will take a little initial outlay of money.  You will have to buy the card stock, envelopes and either have or buy a printer for your computer.  Fortunately printers are fairly cheap.