Government Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

Government Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

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When young people, who don’t have advanced education or training in a specific field, start looking for a job they tend to go to the usual places.  Fast food restaurants, large stores, small stores in malls, grocery stores and other places that take very little to no experience to get in.  But there is an area that can be very good for young people that they never really think about.  That would be in local government agencies.

A large amount, but not all, have civil service protection.  That means you can’t be fired just because the boss doesn’t like you.  A process is put in place to ensure everyone is treated fairly.  That makes those government agencies especially good for minorities, including women.  In addition to that, government agencies tend to offer better benefits.  You can get things like retirement accounts, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance and many other benefits.  They don’t all offer the same thing.  Some agencies, mostly the larger governmental entities, offer quite a few different options.  Smaller governmental entities will probably have fewer options.

You will need to look up whether the governmental entity that you live in has civil service coverage.  If so, then start checking the job listings they put out.  Check frequently.  Typing requirements may or may not be needed.  Excel is something that a lot of places would like you to have.  But there will be listings that don’t even require that much, though I highly recommend you work on those skills.  They will help you advance.

If you got hired into a civil service protected position at 18 years old and retired from that agency after 30 years of service you would only be 48 years old.  But you don’t have to take your retirement money out.  You can leave it sitting there and get another job somewhere else.  You can put in another 17 years at the other job and have two retirement checks when you retire.

Retirement is calculated on your life expectancy.  If you start receiving your retirement when you are 48 your checks will be a lot lower because they expect you to live quite a few more years.  If you live off of your earning from your second job and retire at 65 you are still young enough to enjoy many physical activities and your checks will be larger because you have less time to live.

But you can see how going into a civil service job at a young age can help you to have a very good retirement.  Don’t count it out because it’s in government and can be a little intimidating.  Get past your nervousness and just do it.  It could be one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

Note:  I have a picture that is about jobs in Federal Government but don’t rule out city and county governments.  Just make sure you check to see if they have civil service protection first.