Unique Options – Making Money Post #8

Unique Options – Making Money Post #8

There following are areas you may not have thought of before.  They are niche markets.  How well they work for you may depend on the area you live in.  At least for the first two.

Becoming a Doula
Doula – photo from NaturalHealers.com

Have you ever heard of a doula?  Doulas are trained to help an expectant mother through her pregnancy, during the labor, and after the birth.  A doula provides emotional and educational support.  Doulas are not medical personnel.  They do not help in the birth so you don’t have to worry about a massive amount of training.  In fact the training for a doula is not very arduous at all.  Here is a link to a site that gives you all kinds of information on doulas.

How much you earn depends on what clientele you have access to.  Your clients will be at least middle income individuals.  They will people who are more open-minded.  They will frequently be woman having their first child since they tend to be more nervous.  However, it can be for births other than a first if the woman had a good experience and wanted to repeat it.  The pay for a doula depends on region and amount of hours you work.  You would need to do a little research in this area.

House blessings
Hawaiian Blessing Items

Another area that people don’t tend to think of is house blessings.  When people move into a new home they feel like they are starting a new life.  They are hoping for good things to happen.  Or maybe just the bad things to stop happening.  A lot of people feel more comfortable if they can have their house blessed.  You don’t have to be a priest or preacher of any kind.  This is a spiritual matter.  You can tailor your ceremony towards a specific religion or you can make it very neutral.  What you do need to do is treat the ceremony you perform in a serious manner.

Don’t forget to offer your services to people who live in apartments, mobile homes and any other type of place where people may choose to live.  But it doesn’t have to be a new place the person is moving into.  You can offer to perform blessings on houses as a cleansing.  People periodically go through rough patches.  Many of them feel a lot better if they have a cleansing done on their house to remove any negativity.  You can also offer to bless cars for the safety of the occupants and perform cleansings on people who are having problems or bad luck.  Again, it is not for you to judge people or their beliefs.  You are offering a service that needs to be treated in a serious manner.

Write erotica stories for cash
Writing Erotica

If you have writing skills then writing erotica can be pretty lucrative.  There are all kinds of areas you can go into.  SciFi, paranormal, gay, dominance, group, shapeshifters and so on.  Niche markets in this area are particularly in demand.  More people read erotica than you can possibly imagine.  One of the hard parts is trying to find different ways to describe the sex scenes.  Your scenes can’t sound the same from chapter to chapter.  They can’t even sound the same from book to book.  There are even writer’s groups that get together to come up with ideas on different ways to describe sex scenes.

While the money can be very good there are some drawbacks.  Most people are embarrassed to discuss how they make their money.  Family may be uncomfortable or they may feel that you put them in an awkward when others ask about you.  Something to think about.