Black Massacre Known as the Tulsa Race Riots

Black Massacre Known as the Tulsa Race Riots

Survivor of the Tulsa Race Riot
Olivia Hooker – Manuel Balce Ceneta, File/Associated Press

If you don’t know it by now, let me tell you, the history you are taught in school is carefully vetted to make sure you are only taught what those in charge want you to be taught.  Since Anglo people are the majority and make the rules that keep them in charge the history taught tends to be taught in a way to make Anglo people look good.  The ugly history, the killings, racism, bigotry, abuse and so on are barely touched on if they are mentioned at all.  If you want to advance in life it’s important that you understand other people’s reality.

An event that has been ignored in school curricula was what was known as the Tulsa Race Riots.  One of the things that is not mentioned in the video is what happened to Dick Rowland.  According to Wikipedia, Dick Rowland tripped when entering the elevator which scared the white girl, Sarah Page, who was running it.  Sarah claimed that she had been attacked.

One of the last survivors of the massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Olivia Hooker, died recently.  She was 103.  We can’t let the history of what happened die with her.  Please honor those who were murdered by spending a few minutes to learn about something that you aren’t going to be taught in school.

Note:  Curricula is the plural version of curriculum.