How a Keepsake Box can Help You

How a Keepsake Box can Help You

The Usefulness of Keepsake Boxes
Keepsake Boxes from MakeMementos on Etsy

Before any of my male readers skip this article let me say having a keepsake box can help you financially.  First let me explain what a keepsake box is.  It’s just a box that you keep things like ticket stubs and flyers from concerts, shows, conventions and so on.  You will sometimes hear these boxes referred to as memory boxes which is a good way to think of them.  Put things in these boxes that will remind you of something.  Have relatives in the military who send you letters and/or postcards?  Put them in your box.

Are you politically active?  Put political buttons and printed material in your keepsake box.  Are you an athlete?  Put any event announcements in your box.  The main reason that people started keeping keepsake boxes is to hold their memories.  They could periodically go through them and remember the good times they had at those events but keepsake boxes can serve another purpose for you.

Periodically throughout life you may hit periods where finances are tight.  If you hit one of those periods you can always take a look at your keepsake box to see if there is anything in there you would be willing to sell.  People collect all kinds of things.  All the things I mentioned above are items that people collect, yes, even postcards, and that’s just a small sampling of what people will collect.  Items from concerts can be particularly collectible.

Like any collectible, age, condition, desirability, rarity and various other things matter.  You would have to do a bit of research to determine what it’s worth but it’s highly possible that you could have something in your keepsake box that can help you out when your finances tighten up.  And it’s such an easy thing to do.  If you’re going to the event anyway, why not keep a memento from that event?

The picture of the keepsake box I have shown is from a shop I found, MakeMementos, on  There are some very nice boxes there but you don’t have to have a wooden box.  The keepsake box I have is a cardboard one I bought at a Dollar General store.  Or you can always make your own.  The box is not really the important part (though I sure wouldn’t mind having the one from MakeMementos) what you put in it is what matters.