Do You Need to Give Two Weeks Notice?

Do You Need to Give Two Weeks Notice?

Businesswoman typing.I’ve already mentioned courtesy several times.  It really is important and since each time I mentioned it, it was regarding a different topic, you can easily see that it touches many aspects of our business life.  Giving your two weeks notice is another one.

When you get a job offer it is important to let them know that you would like to give two weeks notice to your current employer.  Not only does it show that you are considerate of your current employer, understanding their need to get someone to replace you but it shows your new employer the type of person you are and that they can expect the same consideration if you leave them.

If you walk into work and say “I got a new job, I quit” then walk out you have left them with a very negative opinion of you.  If at any point you start looking for a job again, and the odds are that you will, what kind of reference do you think you’ll get from that job that you walked out on?  Employers have to be very careful what they say about past employees because they can be sued for hurting a person’s chance to get hired in other places, blacklisting them, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

There is a valid way that employers can get their point across without ever saying one bad word against you.  If a previous employer is asked by a prospective employer if they would rehire the person and the previous employer says no it is completely legitimate but still lets the prospective employer know there were problems with you.

It’s just not worth it.  Ask if you can come on board so you can work out a two week notice.  If the prospective employer says no, they need you immediately let your current employer know that you asked to be given a two week notice but the new employer denied your request.  No guarantees but it may help you down line.