When Women Got Financial Independance

When Women Got Financial Independance

birth-control-pillsNow this is something you are never going to be taught in our conservative Texas schools.  Not as long ago as we would like to think women were openly discriminated against because of their ability to get pregnant.  They weren’t given various jobs and particularly not high powered jobs because “they were just going to get pregnant and leave”.

In a lot of ways there was some truth to that belief.  If a woman was married and she periodically had sex with her husband as would be expected then odds were high that at some point she would get pregnant.  Back then that was more than enough reason to fire a woman.  She needed to be home taking care of the baby anyway.  Her husband could provide for her.  At least that was the general attitude.

It put a woman in a position of being financially dependent on a man.  That meant if he abused her she couldn’t leave.  If he cheated on her she couldn’t leave.  If she no longer loved him she couldn’t leave all because she would not be able to support herself due to being pregnant or already having children.  Notice I talk about married women.  Businesses didn’t need any kind of justification to fire a single pregnant woman.  She was obviously a slut, a tramp, a disgrace to the business.  Never mind that a male must have been involved and quite often a male she worked with, it was still the woman’s fault.

Firing a woman because she was pregnant did become illegal but it didn’t stop them from being fired for a bunch of other made up reasons.  What really helped women to become financially independent was the invention of birth control.  It took a while because people who like to moralize to others fought against birth control but once women started realizing the benefits of being able to plan when they have their children the use of birth control shot up tremendously to the point we are at today where 99% of women have used it at some point in their life.

But the people who never look in a mirror at themselves are still out there ready to judge you.  They don’t care that it helps women to be independent.  They don’t care that it keeps children off of welfare.  They don’t care that it helps to keep men from paying child support.  All they care about is that they feel you should not be having sex unless you are married and if you are married you should be having sex to create children.  It’s a religious belief that they are attempting to force onto others whether the others believe the same or not.

A woman’s ability to control her reproductive system is hugely important and it’s under attack.  Conservatives are trying to make it as difficult as possible for women to get birth control.  They are trying to put women back in the position of having to depend on a man for everything.  Women don’t want that and neither do men.  You need to vote to protect your right to control your reproductive system.  It matters.