I Make My Own Decisions

I Make My Own Decisions

We are currently living in a time when there seems to be very little tolerance for differences.  So many people talk about the American dream but then do everything they can to hold others back for various reasons.  Some they feel are unworthy, some they feel are undeserving, some they feel are trying to be something they are not and many, many other reasons.  It all amounts to the same thing, intolerance of anything that is different from them.

Sometimes the approach they use is subtle.  For example, in Texas we have the Texas State Board of Education.  The people on this board determine what will be in the textbooks that the children in Texas will use.  During one session a book was determined to be acceptable except for one photograph the board wanted changed.  The picture showed a woman in a business suit.  The board wanted and got it changed to a woman baking a cake.

This decision was a disservice to the young women of Texas and a major reason for the creation of this website.  They didn’t want women to be seen as business people.  Woman should think of themselves as homemakers.  Men should see them that way.  They wanted pictures that showed what they felt was the proper place for women.

In other cases the attempts are blatant.  There is absolutely no proof of creationism yet many people are fighting to get it taught in schools as if it is a scientific fact.  It is not.  What they are basically trying to do is make everyone Christians.  They are attempting to knock out the science of evolution by pretending it’s a hoax.  The only hoax is that being pushed by the creationists.

Women are good in business.  Men are good homemakers.  Evolution is real.  Climate change is real.  When people try to negate these things they are trying to manipulate you.  When someone tries to manipulate you it is usually for their own gain, not yours.  Beware of the manipulators.