Why Should You Care about Unions?

Why Should You Care about Unions?

teamster-union-members-holding-picket-everettTexas has a long history of being anti-union.  You’ll hear plenty of talk about workers’ unions only wanting to take your hard earned money and that unions protect worthless workers from being fired and so on.  The truth of the matter is that wages didn’t start rising in the United States until workers started working as a group.

Think about it.  How well can one worker fight against the mega-rich individual who owns the company?  If that worker says the conditions are unfit or that people can’t live on the wages because they’re too low, what do you think will happen to him?  One person fired isn’t going to be felt by that company.  What happens to the business when ALL the workers strike (stop working and start protesting)?  How is the business going to run when no one is there to do the work?  How will that mega-rich person keep the money flowing into his bank account?

The company is going to have to start negotiating to get workers back on the job.  What unions do is get workers closer to being on the same level as the mega-rich owners.  It gives them power by giving them the ability to influence profits which allows them to negotiate.

Unions have not only raised wages for workers they have helped them to get benefits like paid sick leave, medical insurance, retirement accounts and much more.  And it’s a snowball effect.  When one company does it workers want to work for that company.  Other companies have a hard time hiring good people because they aren’t offering those same benefits so they have to start offering them to entice (attract) those good workers.

Just remember that when you hear Texas politicians brag about Texas being anti-union.  When they say that Texas is business friendly what they are really saying is come to Texas; we’ll let you make as much money as you want off the backs of Texans and you can treat them as poorly as you like, we’ll protect you.