Business Pepé le Pews

Business Pepé le Pews

stinkI have mentioned the importance of courtesy in past posts and will continue to bring it up in future posts because of the amount of damage that can be done to your career due to the lack of courtesy.

This post is for the people who think the more perfume or cologne they put on the better it is.  They are the Pepé le Pews of the office.  They are the people you hate to get trapped in the elevator with.  They are the ones that carry their bottles of scent with them and whenever the scent they have on starts fading to a tolerable level they bathe in it again.  These people have long since killed their own sense of smell and it seems as if they are now working on killing yours.

Strong smells can be very offensive.  If I had said that without ever mentioning perfume and cologne you would have thought I meant someone who smells bad but in reality just about any overpower smell can be offensive.  Some people even have allergies that will be triggered by those smells.

Why would your boss give you a promotion that would require you to be closed up in an office with him/her and the rest of the team when you are the office stink pot?  Who wants to put themselves in that position?  Maybe Suzy isn’t quite as good as you are at the job but she understands the need for a subtle (delicate, not obvious) perfume.  The boss knows that the team would rather work with Suzy than be suffocated by you,

Don’t ruin your chances of getting a job or a promotion by making yourself too stinky to be around.  Perfumes and colognes used for work should be very mild.  Leave the strong stuff for your clubbing nights where it has to compete with smokers and sweaty bodies.