Ted Talks:  The Happy Secret to Better Work

Ted Talks: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Happy Secret Shawn AchorAs I’ve said before, having a degree isn’t everything. In this recommended Ted Talks video Shawn Achor talks about the effect of a positive attitude and even at one point mentions that success is not predicted by I.Q.

Practically everywhere you look nowadays you will hear stories of tragedy. That’s because every media outlet tries to increase its ratings so it talks or shows the worst things that have happened. People are drawn to watch those things for various reasons, but we do watch. What this does is flood us with negativity.

That negativity affects many aspects of your life including your work. Shawn Achor talks about ways to stay positive and does it with humor to hold your interest. This is one of the best self-help type videos I’ve ever come across and hope you will give a bit over 12 minutes of your time to watch it.