The Office Microwave

The Office Microwave

Here we go again.  Courtesy.  So much depends on courtesy.  So many people seem to think that being courteous is a sign of weakness.  Why should they not be able to do whatever they want just because it makes someone else sick?  In an office people need to get along.  It’s a place where people work closely together and like other places where people are in close proximity (nearness in space) to each other, compromises have to be made.  Courtesies have to be observed.

One big area of contention (heated disagreement) is the microwave.  I’ve already spoken about the people who wear too much perfume or cologne.  Now I’m going to talk about the ones that stink up the office with the meals they heat up.  Lets face it, some meals have very strong odors.  Fish is a prime example.  When people go to a seafood restaurant they expect to smell fish and don’t have a problem with it or they wouldn’t be there.  When people go to an office they don’t expect it to smell like a seaside dock.

Popcorn is another food that has a strong smell but most people don’t mind it.  Notice I say most because there are people who don’t like the smell of popcorn.  However, pretty much nobody likes the smell of burnt popcorn and it seems some people have a really hard time understanding the cooking instructions on the bag.

Smells aren’t the only microwave problem.  Doing your part to keep it clean is important.  Make sure to cover your food dish so it doesn’t splatter.  If anything boils over, make sure to clean up the spill.  Nobody wants to come after you and set their food down in your spilled mess and they sure don’t want to have to clean up after you.  You’ll be surprised at how much of an issue it can become when people are inconsiderate.

A little courtesy goes a long way.