Employee Health Coverage – Part 3

Employee Health Coverage – Part 3

doctor looking at x-rayI’ve spoken about the history behind business supplied health care and touched on a miniscule (extremely tiny) part of the problems with business supplied health care.

So what is the solution?  The easiest answer would be for health care to be provided by the government.  Universal health care has been talked about for quite a while.  The businesses who would lose money, such as insurance companies, are doing everything they can to fight it.  They’ve convinced a lot of people that the required taxes would destroy businesses and that it would make America a socialist nation.  The socialist nation stuff is too stupid to even comment on.

The truth is taxes would go up but businesses and people would pay that instead of their medical coverage amounts.  The government could negotiate with drug industries to get lower prices on drugs and various other things.  Medical records could be kept in one database so that if you go to a new doctor he/she has access to your complete medical file.  Did you know that record keeping is a major expense for doctors?

Everyone would be covered.  Republicans throw a big tantrum over that.  Why do we have to pay for someone who isn’t working?  Well the truth is we already pay for them.  It is illegal for a hospital to turn away a patient in need because they can’t afford to pay.  So who do you think covers those costs?  We the taxpayers.  But we cover them at emergency rates which are way higher than a doctor’s office or clinic visit.

There are so many Pro’s that I can’t fit them all in and this topic has already run through three posts.  Just remember, when you hear about universal health care it’s not something to be afraid of.  It’s one of the biggest improvements that we could ever make for all Americans.