Minimum Requirements for the Job

Minimum Requirements for the Job

seeing-qualificationsIf you read advice on how to get a job you will more than likely see the writers telling you to apply for a job even if you don’t have the minimum requirements.  It’s good advice but you do need to be a little discriminating (show good judgment) in deciding what you can ignore and what you can’t.

If an ad states that the requirements include ability in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access and you know all except for PowerPoint put in for the job.  If you get an interview you can state your case, talk about your willingness to learn and highlight other areas of knowledge you may have that you think would be beneficial to the company.  Or maybe the ad says you need to type 50 words per minute but the highest you’ve ever gotten to was 45 wpm.  Take the chance.  Apply for the job.

But there is a time when you need to give them exactly what they ask for if you want to be considered at all.  Say that same ad that wanted typing at 50 wpm also said that they required a recent typing test, stated where to go to take the test and required the document from that company to prove when you took it and what your speed was.  That’s pretty specific information.  That should tell you they take that part seriously.

My business just put out a listing with a required typing speed.  We got 132 applicants.  In our ad we said where to go to take the test and required the documentation.  The very first thing I did when going through those applications was toss out anyone who did not follow those simple instructions.  Next I tossed out the less than a hand-full that had taken the test but were below the minimum required speed and lastly I tossed out everyone who said they would only work days when the ad specifically said shift work was required.

For anyone who doesn’t know what shift work is it’s when a business is open longer than 8-5, Monday through Friday.  Usually it’s a place that is open 24 hours a day but doesn’t have to be.  To be able to staff those longer days the day is broken up into shifts.  When shift work is mentioned in an ad they are letting you know that you will have to work hours other than normal daytime hours.

Curious to know how many I threw out?  106 were immediately tossed just using those three checks.  I looked at absolutely nothing else.  Once I had the group that followed the few requirements we had stated I then started looking at what they had to offer.

If the ad seems casual in what it states, try for the job.  If the ad gets specific either meet the requirements or don’t waste your time and theirs.