That’s Gross!  Yes, It Really Is.

That’s Gross! Yes, It Really Is.

Chewed foodIf you have read all the posts on this website you will notice that a lot of the problems that hold us back are problems we create ourselves.  Lack of consideration, improper dress, poor manners…there are a ton of small stumbling blocks that can trip you up.  I’m about to give you another one that applies everywhere but particularly in the professional business world.

If you work in the professional business world you may eventually end up at a business meeting that is being conducted over a meal or at the very least everyone who is at the meeting will take a lunch break and all go out to eat together.  Whatever the circumstances, you will be eating with people you are attempting to impress or negotiate with.  A sure fire way to have their opinion of you drop is to talk while you have chewed food in your mouth.

You need to be aware that no one wants to see your chewed up food floating around in your mouth as you try to make a point.  No one will even be listening to what you say because they will be so intent on trying to not notice your poor manners.  The strange thing is that most people who talk with food in their mouth don’t even realize they do it.

When you are eating pay attention to what you are doing.  Do you tend to talk with food in your mouth?  Do you chew with your mouth open?  Both of those are displays of poor manners.  Even if you try to be careful someone could say something funny that makes you burst out laughing.  If you have food in your mouth at the time, cover your mouth with your hand not only so no one has to be subjected to the mush in your mouth but also so you don’t accidentally spew your food all over someone.

Right about now there are probably people out there thinking that I am trying to turn them into a completely different person so they can get ahead.  They are feeling like they would lose touch with “the real me” if they do the things I suggest.  The thing is we have been changing and improving since the day we were born.  We have been adding to our knowledge and we change what we do when we find out it was wrong.  You’re not losing you, you’re becoming the new improved model.  You don’t have to be a clone.  You can still be unique but you have to understand what will hurt you and what will help.