Is Online Learning for You?

Is Online Learning for You?

Do you want a degree but hate the thought of going to a college campus?  Or maybe you can’t fit their rigid schedule into your lifestyle?  Maybe you are a more mature adult who feels out of place in a class room with a bunch of young people.  Whatever the reason there are options out there.  People are realizing the benefits of online colleges.  They are a wonderful option that fits into our busy lifestyles.

But don’t jump so fast, there are pitfalls to online colleges too.  The very first thing you need to look into is whether the school is accredited or not.  That matters.  Businesses don’t think much of degrees from non-accredited schools.  You could waste a lot of time and money enrolling with a non-accredited college.

However the biggest problem is whether online learning is for you.  A lot of people need the more structured atmosphere you get at the brick and mortar schools (in other words the schools where the classes are on campus in buildings).  Learning online takes a lot of self-discipline.  You will have to have the initiative to look up more information if you don’t understand what your ebook says.  There won’t be a teacher on hand to explain every little thing.  You will have an adviser but most of your questions will be submitted by email.

If that is the type of person that you are, if you are a self-starter, if you will go out to search for more information so you can understand something, if you have no problem telling your friends no, you can’t go to the party with them, you have to study for a test, then online schools may be the perfect answer for you.

If that is the route you want to take I want to recommend an accredited online college that has a very decent cost system.  Western Governors University is an accredited online college that allows you to pay a fixed amount for as many classes as you can take in a 6 month period.  If you are a hard worker this fee structure can save you a lot of money.  Their offerings are fairly limited but what they do offer they do well.

Don’t think this is going to be a cake walk.  They don’t just hand out degrees.  You will have to work for what you get.  If getting a degree online is the route you would like to take then I encourage you to visit WGU’s website.