Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Businessman Giving out CardI’ve spoken about the first step to getting hired or promoted being getting noticed.  That’s true but you also want to be noticed in a positive light not a negative one.  The way we dress, our hygiene, the amount of scent we use are among some of the things that get us noticed but there is one main thing I haven’t mentioned.

That is our smile.  A smile can be really important.  And the main part of a smile is your teeth.  Dental work is expensive and the insurances that are offered for it usually aren’t very good.  But if you’re one of the millions of people who could use some dental work I would encourage you to save wherever you can to build up the money to get the work done.  For the average person this could be one of the best investments you make in yourself to help your career.

Some of you may be thinking that your teeth are pretty decent.  That’s very fortunate but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about them.  You still may want to consider some whitening strips or at the very least look for products that help promote healthy gums.  Gum disease (periodontal disease) can give you horrible breath that’s hard to cover up with mouth wash.

It’s natural to judge people on their appearance.  It may not be fair but it’s natural.  You can walk into an interview looking sharp, tailored suit, neatly trimmed hair and nails but if the thousand watt smile you give shows a cavity between your front teeth you’ve just lost some of your shine.

For anyone out there who is getting ready for an interview and who has problems with their teeth, don’t let this article get you down.  Go for your interview.  Put on your bravado.  Show confidence.  Just know inside that if you do get the job one of the things you should start working towards is getting your dental work done so it won’t hurt you in future job interviews.