Right Impressions

Right Impressions

frayed-egdeI’ve already written about dress code and how inappropriate attire can hurt you.  There are other areas of attire that can cause you problems also.  The one I’m going to talk about in this article is threadbare clothes.  If you’re not used to wearing business clothes you’re going to be really happy when you find something you’re comfortable in.  The problem is when we do find those items we tend to keep wearing them well past the item’s life span.

We get so used to seeing those items that we no longer notice how shabby the item has gotten.  When you go out of your way to look like a business professional the last thing you need is frayed cuffs, fading colors and seams coming apart to destroy that image.  Just because you don’t realize how shabby an item has gotten doesn’t mean that others haven’t noticed.  It doesn’t mean your boss hasn’t noticed.

For those reading this who think it doesn’t apply because they don’t wear business suits, they wear a uniform or regular clothes, it definitely does apply.  No matter what you do you represent the business you work for even if you are the owner of that business.  Customers will make judgments on the type of work you do based on your appearance.

If you look neat, your clothes clean and everything in it’s place your customers will assume that your work will be the same.  Say you are a plumber and you go to a job wearing a food-stained shirt, your shirt tails are out, you don’t have a belt on so your pants are sagging and they’re dirty where you’ve wiped your hands on your thighs no one is going to have confidence in the type of work you do.  They will think your work is as sloppy as your clothes are.  You will have that problem even taking into account that plumbing is a dirty job.  And no one is going to want to recommend a sloppy, grimy person to their friends.

Appearance matters.  Refusing to accept that can cost you financially by affecting your ability to get customers or get promotions.