C.Y.B. – Cover Your Boss

C.Y.B. – Cover Your Boss

Explaining decisionYou’ve read all the articles on this website and found some tips that you think will help you.  You’ve used those tips to help guide your actions at work.  You’ve worked hard, stayed out of the petty office squabbles and have done your best to keep an optimistic outlook as much as possible.  But it’s not enough.  You want to do more.  You want your boss to see that you can make good decisions, that you would be a good person to get a promotion.

That’s excellent.  You’re ready to push up against your boundaries in an attempt to expand your horizons.  You want to be seen as more than what you are seen as now.  You’ve decided to start making some decisions on your own to show your boss what you can do.

First of all I hope you’ve already made a determination of whether your boss is the type that likes people to come up with good ideas and to have a take charge attitude (within reason).  Unfortunately there are plenty of bosses who are so insecure that they are afraid of every employee, afraid that employee might outshine them.  For those bosses, they are probably right.  They probably will be outshone.

Your boss is not one of those.  She/he is confident and encourages her employees to strive higher.  That’s excellent but I would like to offer a word of caution.  More than likely your boss also has a boss.  She will need to be able to answer any questions her boss has.  If you leave your boss in the dark, and your boss gets called in by her boss to answer questions about a decision she knows nothing about, don’t expect a pat on the back.

You may get that eventually but the first thing you’re going to get is put on the hot seat having to explain what you did and why you didn’t keep your boss apprised (informed) of what you had done.  Don’t put your boss in the position of looking ignorant in front of her boss; as if she has no idea of what goes on in her area.  It won’t go well for you.  Keep her informed.  Cover your boss.  Cover yourself.  It will pay off.