Is a Career in Human Resources for You?

Is a Career in Human Resources for You?

Monash University

Job Opportunity – Human Resources.  There are a lot of careers that people think of going into and there are a lot of careers that do the behind the scenes work that people don’t hear about as frequently.  Human Resources is one of them.  Some places will hire people into their human resources department without that person having any college.  They are willing to train them, but in general you will be expected to have some college courses even if you haven’t earned your degree.

Human resources personnel tend to get paid higher than your average entry level position.  Their area deals with highly confidential information on individuals.  Anyone interested in a career in human resources needs to be able a person who can keep information to themselves.  No gossips will be welcomed.  Releasing confidential information can get a company sued and will definitely get you fired.

If maintaining people’s privacy is not an issue for you then this may be a field you would be interested in.  Even though the level is considered higher than entry level positions it is a customer service area.  You will not be allowed to act as if you are above others.  Well, a good company will not allow you to act that way.  All employees of the organization are your customers.  You should be working towards doing the best you can to keep people happy while staying within the rules and regulations of the company and within the law.

I’ve included a brief video from Monash Business School.  I’m not recommending them.  I don’t even know where they are located.  The speaker has what I think is a British accent.  Still, it’s a decent video that gives an overall idea of what the job is all about.