About Us

At Educating Texas we firmly believe in public schools but we do realize there are a lot of shortcomings with the public system.  When you have to serve any group en masse you have to go with standardized everything.  That pretty much gives you basic knowledge but not much beyond.

There is always the option of private education but we are firmly against private institutions getting public money.  If they are a business they need to learn to support themselves like any other business.  Every dollar taken from the public system hurts all the children in that system.  That’s one problem.  Another problem is only a miniscule percentage of school age students would be able to attend those private schools.  What about all the rest?

We don’t feel anyone should be left out but we are also not attempting to be another school.  The aim of Educating Texas is to give students practical knowledge that will help them to become successful.  Jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim has never been the ideal situation.

Our articles will give little tips in a variety of topics.  There will be articles on different trades for those who don’t feel a college degree is for them and there will be information and suggestions on what everyone can do to continue increasing their knowledge without going back to school.

The main group we are targeting is high school students getting ready to graduate.  The idea is to have some practical knowledge before the student is ready to enter the workforce.  But there are plenty of young adults already in the workplace who could benefit from our posts.  We hope they do.

When the generation of new adults is doing well, everyone does well.

Note:  I have changed my name to show up as Your Personal Life Coach.  However, I am not a certified life coach.  I use that term in the context of the coaching that your parents would give you, a favorite teacher or even a boss that really cares about you and wants you to do well.  My information comes from experience and observation.  I’m sharing the things I’ve learned with you so your decisions can be based on knowledge.