The Purpose of the Boss

Understanding the Boss's Job

I just went through an experience that I felt deserved a post on this website.  I want to make sure everyone, workers and bosses, understand what a boss should do.  There seems to be the belief by workers that a boss needs to know everything there is to know about the job and pretty much … Read moreThe Purpose of the Boss

The Down Side of Networking

Networking for a Job

When you are a boss, depending on the structure of the organization you work for, it is possible that you will be the person who hires new employees.  The advantage with doing your own hiring is you can bring in the kind of people you feel would be best for the company rather than having to … Read moreThe Down Side of Networking

Preparing for Becoming a Boss

Manager Training

Do you have aspirations of becoming a boss some day?  If so, then the first thing I recommend is that you take a good, hard, honest look at yourself to determine if you are boss material.  Some people are natural leaders.  Others can be leaders but have to put some work into it.  And some … Read morePreparing for Becoming a Boss

Peer Pressure and the Boss

Lack of Individuality

When you’re the boss there’s something you have to understand to be able to do your job well.  Most people are followers.  They are susceptible to peer pressure.  Not many of them have enough self confidence to go against the group.  In most cases falling in with the group mentality is not a conscious thing.  … Read morePeer Pressure and the Boss