Government Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

Government Jobs

When young people, who don’t have advanced education or training in a specific field, start looking for a job they tend to go to the usual places.  Fast food restaurants, large stores, small stores in malls, grocery stores and other places that take very little to no experience to get in.  But there is an … Read moreGovernment Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

Sexual Harassment Against Women is Everywhere

Sexual harassment

After watching what happened at Aretha Franklin’s funeral I thought this was a very good time to write about sexual harassment.  Women face harassment and sexual harassment all the time.  When a bishop can come so close to almost outright grabbing a woman’s breast while on TV and in front of a whole church full … Read moreSexual Harassment Against Women is Everywhere

Leave Your Problems at Home

Workplace conflicts

An issue that both employees and bosses have to deal with is personal problems.  Everyone has them at some time or other.  Maybe it’s fighting with your partner or family.  Maybe you are having financial problems or health issues.  Some problems are frustrating but relatively small and of a short duration.  Other problems can be … Read moreLeave Your Problems at Home

What a Non-Compete Agreement Means For You

How Non-Compete Agreements Hurt Workers

What is a Non-Compete Agreement? Before you can understand how a non-compete agreement can affect you, you need to understand what it is.  Non-competes have been around for a very long time.  Non-compete agreements were originally designed to protect a business’s confidential information and trade secrets.  Companies don’t want employees to learn all their secrets … Read moreWhat a Non-Compete Agreement Means For You