Being Bilingual Raises Your Worth

Bilingual in the workplace

Bilingual = Money & Getting Noticed As I keep saying, getting noticed, for positive reasons, will help you to get promoted.  One thing that is hugely beneficial is being bilingual.  The reason why is fairly obvious.  Say you have two salesman.  One speaks Spanish and the other doesn’t.  A customer comes in who only speaks … Read moreBeing Bilingual Raises Your Worth

The Purpose of the Boss

Understanding the Boss's Job

I just went through an experience that I felt deserved a post on this website.  I want to make sure everyone, workers and bosses, understand what a boss should do.  There seems to be the belief by workers that a boss needs to know everything there is to know about the job and pretty much … Read moreThe Purpose of the Boss

Customer Service 101 – Allowing Contempt to Creep In

Customer Service is a Skill

This is one of my pet peeves.  It’s something I really don’t like but I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  When a business hires a new person that person needs to be trained.  There are all kinds of things the person will need to learn especially if they have never worked in that … Read moreCustomer Service 101 – Allowing Contempt to Creep In

Women, Business and Pay

Gender Wage Gap

I started writing this blog to help give people the practical knowledge that they don’t really get in school.  In my job I get to see so many people coming into the business world making all kinds of mistakes.  They don’t know they are mistakes because no one has ever told them what they should … Read moreWomen, Business and Pay