Government Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

Government Jobs

When young people, who don’t have advanced education or training in a specific field, start looking for a job they tend to go to the usual places.  Fast food restaurants, large stores, small stores in malls, grocery stores and other places that take very little to no experience to get in.  But there is an … Read moreGovernment Jobs Can be a Really Good Option

Home Inspection as a Part-Time or Full Time Job

Home Inspection in Texas

Being a home inspector is something I’ve thought about myself, at least as a part-time job.  I decided against it for several reasons but those reasons are particular to me such as severe allergies and being sensitive to hot temperatures and too much sun.  In other words, Texas summers are brutal for me.  It’s a … Read moreHome Inspection as a Part-Time or Full Time Job

Bricklaying as a Trade

Become a Bricklayer

I recently read an article on NPR about the need for trade jobs.  It said there are some 30 million jobs that have an average pay of $55,000 a year.  Those jobs are in trade.  You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get them.  Everyone pushes a college education but a college education is not … Read moreBricklaying as a Trade

Joining the Military. Yes or No?

Military Life

I wanted to write a post on the military as a job option.  I was looking for a video to do one of my Day in the Life type posts but I was disappointed with the results.  I didn’t want a recruitment video.  I wanted an honest opinion of what life in the military is … Read moreJoining the Military. Yes or No?