Why We Need to Get Rid of Columbus Day

Columbus day

We established Columbus Day to honor Christopher Columbus for discovering America.  Problems with that begin immediately.  Christopher Columbus could not discover America if there were people already here.  This is an example of how inconsequential Europeans considered anyone but themselves, to be.  It also shows how much Anglo-Americans had bought into that belief.  But hopefully … Read moreWhy We Need to Get Rid of Columbus Day

Black Massacre Known as the Tulsa Race Riots

Survivor of the Tulsa Race Riot

If you don’t know it by now, let me tell you, the history you are taught in school is carefully vetted to make sure you are only taught what those in charge want you to be taught.  Since Anglo people are the majority and make the rules that keep them in charge the history taught … Read moreBlack Massacre Known as the Tulsa Race Riots

Racism in Medicine

Inhuman experimentation on people

So many people don’t understand the full extent of the abuses that black people have been subjected to.  Yes, other minorities have faced abuse and even death.  I’m not trying to downplay what they have been through but the abuse has been more systemic in regards to black people.  The majority of abuse aimed at … Read moreRacism in Medicine

Time to Change the Culture of Tipping

Tipped workers

Tipping is an antiquated practice that has it’s roots in racism.  Businesses have used tipping as an excuse to pay works an extremely low minimum wage.  When you first start working you are going into a system that has been in practice for quite a while.  It’s easy to feel like that’s just the way … Read moreTime to Change the Culture of Tipping