How a Keepsake Box can Help You

The Usefulness of Keepsake Boxes

Before any of my male readers skip this article let me say having a keepsake box can help you financially.  First let me explain what a keepsake box is.  It’s just a box that you keep things like ticket stubs and flyers from concerts, shows, conventions and so on.  You will sometimes hear these boxes … Read moreHow a Keepsake Box can Help You

It’s About the Long Game

Planning for the Future

As I’ve said before, I write this website to try to help young people to make good decisions in their business life.  A lot of what I write about are things I see people doing that will hurt their careers or even keep them from getting the career they want.  Some of the things I … Read moreIt’s About the Long Game

Depression is Soul Crushing

Recognizing depression

The everyday stresses of working can take a toll on anyone but trying to handle those stresses while clinically depressed is a load that is too much to bear.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t recognize the signs of depression and even if they do they feel they are being weak if they acknowledge those … Read moreDepression is Soul Crushing

The Things We Do Can Hurt Us

Bad Reputation

This website is aimed specifically at people new to the workplace, young people.  One of the biggest mistakes we make when we are young is thinking that no one will ever find out about the things we do.  That’s a huge mistake.  Reputation-management, it’s something you should be doing.  It matters.  We don’t think about … Read moreThe Things We Do Can Hurt Us