What a Non-Compete Agreement Means For You

How Non-Compete Agreements Hurt Workers

What is a Non-Compete Agreement? Before you can understand how a non-compete agreement can affect you, you need to understand what it is.  Non-competes have been around for a very long time.  Non-compete agreements were originally designed to protect a business’s confidential information and trade secrets.  Companies don’t want employees to learn all their secrets … Read moreWhat a Non-Compete Agreement Means For You

Workplace Protections Lost

Workplace Abuses Against Workers can Continue

Many of you probably aren’t aware that in 2014 President Obama signed an executive order titled Fair Pay and Safe Workplace.  That executive order covered 14 different labor and civil rights laws.  This act only applied to companies who were trying to get federal contracts.  That’s because those are the only ones he could address … Read moreWorkplace Protections Lost

The Relationship Between Knowledge and Your Finances

Grid Economics 101

The tax bill that Republicans and Trump passed has put the average worker in a very bad spot.  If you were born into poverty you have a very low chance of getting out of the poverty cycle.  It’s a hard truth but it is also based on the average way people approach their livelihoods.  We … Read moreThe Relationship Between Knowledge and Your Finances

Middle-Class Income at Risk

middle-class income

I know I have spoken before about trickle-down economics and middle-out economics but the Republicans are at it again.  Your wages are being severely threatened so that the richest people in the world can have even more money.  Republicans are desperately trying to appease their rich masters by putting the burden of supporting the country … Read moreMiddle-Class Income at Risk