It’s About the Long Game

Planning for the Future

As I’ve said before, I write this website to try to help young people to make good decisions in their business life.  A lot of what I write about are things I see people doing that will hurt their careers or even keep them from getting the career they want.  Some of the things I … Read moreIt’s About the Long Game

Money in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

Greeting Card Business

A lot of young people don’t think of things like greeting cards as being a money making idea.  So much of what your age group does is online but I bet you still get birthday cards and you probably, at some point in your life, buy cards for other people.  I doubt greeting cards will … Read moreMoney in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

So Many Dangers for Women

Lynzy Lab performs on Kimmel

Women in the workplace, and everywhere else, face dangers that men can’t even imagine.  That danger comes in the shape of abuse by men.  I’m not talking about discrimination which in itself is extremely predominant.  I’m talking about actual sexual abuse and harassment.  Those are things we watch for everywhere.  Men don’t realize the freedom … Read moreSo Many Dangers for Women

Negative and Positive Impacts

Vote Like your life depends on it

In this website I try to help people to ensure they have a good life.  I try to point out the things you should do and the things you shouldn’t do to achieve your goals.  What is really surprising is how many young adults throw away easy an opportunity to help themselves.  That simple action … Read moreNegative and Positive Impacts