Why You Need a Journal

Before the guys start stressing, I’d like to make it clear that I am talking about a journal, NOT a diary. Your journal is for documenting life events, training, promotions, day hired, day resigned, starting pay, ending pay and so on. It also doesn’t have to be a physical journal.  You can have a digital … Read moreWhy You Need a Journal

Do Piercings Hurt My Chance of Getting Hired?

It depends on what job you are applying for.  If you are applying for a cashier/stocker at the corner comic shop then odds are they won’t be a problem.  They may not even be an issue if you are trying to become a cashier, stocker or bagger at your local grocery store.  But if you … Read moreDo Piercings Hurt My Chance of Getting Hired?

You Have Options

This website is to help young adults to become successful when they leave school.  The problem is success means different things to different people.  One person’s definition of success may require that she get a college degree.  Another person’s definition of success may be just to live comfortably and requires certification in a trade or … Read moreYou Have Options