I highly encourage everyone to keep increasing your knowledge which in turn could help you to get a better job or help you to get promoted in your current job.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through online learning.  If you don’t mind paying a small monthly fee for access to all kinds of … Read

Email Mistakes – Forwarding & Replying

I’ve written a previous post on being careful when using Reply All but that post was on the amount of spam email you add to other people’s inboxes and the irritation that can cause.  There is another problem with Reply All and Forward that is more damaging than what I first wrote about.  It’s content.  When people … Read moreEmail Mistakes – Forwarding & Replying

A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Job Opportunity – Dental Assistant.  Being a dental assistant does take some specialized training.  The training can be done in different ways.  If you go through the standard school route you will do a two year program and get an associate’s degree.  However, there are plenty of other options.  A lot of for profit training … Read moreA Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

Minimum Wage (is Not a Living Wage)

Prices are going up everywhere.  Most often those price increases are driven by the large businesses.  They aren’t concerned what it takes for the average person to be able to pay those prices.  Their only concern is more money going into their pockets.  The current situation is beginning to remind me of the feudal system … Read moreMinimum Wage (is Not a Living Wage)