Money in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

Greeting Card Business

A lot of young people don’t think of things like greeting cards as being a money making idea.  So much of what your age group does is online but I bet you still get birthday cards and you probably, at some point in your life, buy cards for other people.  I doubt greeting cards will … Read moreMoney in Greeting Cards – Making Money Post #7

Turn Plastic Into Cash – Making Money Post #6

Turn plastic into cash

One of the secrets to making money is finding a niche market.  Another way is finding something people are passionate about.  If you can somehow combine the two you will have a real gold mine.  There are many areas people are passionate about; children, the elderly, pets, their houses, their yards/gardens…  An area that is … Read moreTurn Plastic Into Cash – Making Money Post #6

Money in Religion – Making Money Post #5

Selling religious items

We’ve all seen the big T.V. preachers who tell their listeners that they will be unsuccessful in life and go to hell if they don’t donate money to that preacher.  These scammers make a ton of money.  They’ve moved away from Christ’s teachings of poverty to a gospel of prosperity that happens to be very … Read moreMoney in Religion – Making Money Post #5

Helping Bloggers – Making Money Post #4

Job and Life Coaching

My post on blogging probably changed the minds of a lot of people but that doesn’t mean blogging is a total washout for you.  There are still ways to make extra income that are related to blogging without the hassle of actually owning a blog.  Do you take fairly decent pictures?  Bloggers are always looking … Read moreHelping Bloggers – Making Money Post #4