Is a $15 Minimum Wage Good or Bad?

It’s both.  If you were looking for an easy answer we all would have had it a long time ago.  Obviously most businesses aren’t going to want to pay a more than the federal minimum wage to their employees.  That means less profits for them.  Neither the big nor the little business is going to want to give … Read moreIs a $15 Minimum Wage Good or Bad?

Minimum Wage (is Not a Living Wage)

Prices are going up everywhere.  Most often those price increases are driven by the large businesses.  They aren’t concerned what it takes for the average person to be able to pay those prices.  Their only concern is more money going into their pockets.  The current situation is beginning to remind me of the feudal system … Read moreMinimum Wage (is Not a Living Wage)

Staying Informed is Crucial (#1 Source of Info)

I know a lot of young people don’t like to watch the news but the reality is what is being reported can affect your life.  You need to be informed.  You need to understand what laws are being proposed because those laws could help or hurt you.  For example, in Missouri the Republicans passed legislation … Read moreStaying Informed is Crucial (#1 Source of Info)

You Need to Vote

This is probably something that you don’t really want to hear.  Most young people don’t taking voting seriously.  They don’t think their vote matters, that it’s just one vote against many.  In general, young people don’t pay attention to the news or politics.  They find them boring and by ignoring those issues they do themselves … Read moreYou Need to Vote