Middle-Class Income at Risk

middle-class income

I know I have spoken before about trickle-down economics and middle-out economics but the Republicans are at it again.  Your wages are being severely threatened so that the richest people in the world can have even more money.  Republicans are desperately trying to appease their rich masters by putting the burden of supporting the country … Read moreMiddle-Class Income at Risk

Is a $15 Minimum Wage Good or Bad?

It’s both.  If you were looking for an easy answer we all would have had it a long time ago.  Obviously most businesses aren’t going to want to pay a more than the federal minimum wage to their employees.  That means less profits for them.  Neither the big nor the little business is going to want to give … Read moreIs a $15 Minimum Wage Good or Bad?

Middle-Out Economics

Now I’ll be honest and say that I am not an economist.  In fact, I hated my economics classes.  Okay, macro wasn’t too bad, micro was the pits.  That having been said even I can see some simple truths.  What helps the economy more, one millionaire buying three refrigerators, one for each of his houses, … Read moreMiddle-Out Economics