Put Your Vehicle to Work – Making Money Post #9

Side jobs using a truck

Cars & Mini-Vans Throughout our life we will hit moments when we need money and don’t know what to do to get it.  A lot of things you can do to make extra money take a little time before they start paying off.  One thing people can do is put their vehicles to work.  Sure, … Read morePut Your Vehicle to Work – Making Money Post #9

Unique Options – Making Money Post #8

Becoming a Doula

There following are areas you may not have thought of before.  They are niche markets.  How well they work for you may depend on the area you live in.  At least for the first two. Have you ever heard of a doula?  Doulas are trained to help an expectant mother through her pregnancy, during the … Read moreUnique Options – Making Money Post #8

Turn Plastic Into Cash – Making Money Post #6

Turn plastic into cash

One of the secrets to making money is finding a niche market.  Another way is finding something people are passionate about.  If you can somehow combine the two you will have a real gold mine.  There are many areas people are passionate about; children, the elderly, pets, their houses, their yards/gardens…  An area that is … Read moreTurn Plastic Into Cash – Making Money Post #6

Money in Religion – Making Money Post #5

Selling religious items

We’ve all seen the big T.V. preachers who tell their listeners that they will be unsuccessful in life and go to hell if they don’t donate money to that preacher.  These scammers make a ton of money.  They’ve moved away from Christ’s teachings of poverty to a gospel of prosperity that happens to be very … Read moreMoney in Religion – Making Money Post #5